Thursday, May 26, 2016

Unit 2 - Weekly Challenges - Post 1

As I have written, even though I have long been interested ( and tried) to have projects involving pupils from my school and those from other countries (Spain being a favorite of mine), I have not attempted to do something in the framework of E-Twinning. THis may change.

I am considering the possibility of giving this a try, even when the subject o fwhat courses I will have vailable at school for such a  venture remains unclear. If I try to carry out an e-Twinning  project, I believe it will involve 15 year old pupils whose command of English is good enough to engage in conversation with pupils from other countries. These pupils will be offered the possibility of joining the project.

I will not be their school English teacher, though. They will be pupils studying with other teachers of English (colleagues of mine at school). However, I will get the school's support to take up this challenge. 

I would like a project by means of which Israeli pupils get to know what it is to be a teenager in other countries / cities. I would like the project to involve more than one school in other countries. Schools in different Spanish cities are the ones that appeal the most to me.

I have found two projects that seem interesting

I like the  Project overview:

Teachers of European schools and their students work together and create an e-magazine to show cultural differences and similarities.

I believe this is something I could help pupils at Kuge do together with counterparts from abroad.

The second project appeals to me because of ots topic. Since I do not understand French, I cannot relate to the contents of the video, yet  I like the Project Overview of 

Being a teenager today is the main idea of our project. Our pupils will share, exchange, discover ideas, improve their English in a different way with their European counterparts and reinforce their skills in ICT to present their results

I would have to find out more about the contents, but it doesn't seem to be different from what I did a few years go (Auxiliadora -Kugel)

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