Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Interesting questions introduced on Unit 2

These questions have been introduced as being key points I should consider before engaging in a Project such as E-Twinning. They have been asked in the framework of Project Management. Incidentally, if there i something I should improve is the way I manage project, and I can name using ICT as one. 

Project Management is something I should, rather than "would like" to improve, indeed.

I believe I know my students' interests. Most (if not all) want to use the Foreign Languages they study with me (English and Spanish) to communicate with people. If they could engage in  meaningful interaction with teens from other countries, most would probably feel the value of mastering a Foreign Language. I believe Israeli teens are interested in what teens elsewhere do, how they live, what they like and dislike, etc. 

I use ICT all the time. I have been doing it since the year 2000, first using certain sites; Next I also  created Webquests (I wonder if anybody remembers "Geocities" these days); andthen I used Blogs, and Edmodo as well as some tools. A major change happened some four years ago when I started using Moodle for Blended Learning. There is no going back to working without technology (and Moodle and so many tools).

I like to motivate my students making the Foreign languge I teach a school subject to be enjoyed. When teaching Spanish, i use Spanish Speaking Soap Operas and songs, as they have an incredible appeal on teen girls. The same happens with football for boys. Accordingly, i use videos and audio to engage my pupils. As for English, I drop the Soap Operas brining in other items instead. The result is the same if what I use caters to both pupils' needs and likes. 

ICT helps me turn learning a language into an engaging acivity. I may not scceed withall, and not succeed all the time, but I know I do things differently, and that motivates pupils.

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