Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Beginning Unit 2: 25.05.2016

Eduardo, Israel

Key to my teaching two Foreign languages in israel is the fact that I have long been integrating ICT in my work with pupils (and fellow  teachers). I have tried to innovate, refusing to be "a blackboard, chalk and book teacher"  (if that can be considered a somewhat description of a traditional teacher). I have made (sometimes by mere encouragement, and others by refusing to have "NO" for an answer) pupils use ICT both during lessons and also at home either as task sfter class, or to be ready for class. I have also made it a point to try to collaborate with teachers from abroad so as to engage my pupils in communication and collaboration with teens from other parts of the world. And yet, there is no doubt in my mind that I have to be more organized in all these activities. This eTwinning course (and ETwinning itself) may prove the key to help me be more efficient and systematic, as well as  a suitable venue to collaborate with teachers abroad. I hopeboth me and pupils in my school benefit from my participation.

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